Meet: Medusa

Medusa -  Fierce | Extroverted | Unapologetic

You know who you are and what you stand for. You’re not afraid to give your opinion, even when you know, not everyone will agree with you. You have an authentic energy that inspires others and above all else, you won’t ever be walked over.

Your Medusa necklace was designed to be something you carry with you each day as a reminder to be exactly who you are, not who people think you should be. It emboldens you to give your opinion, live your life to the fullest and do it all whilst being authentically you.

The Medusa necklace was also designed to be gifted, to show someone that you understand who they are on a deeper level and you see the amazing qualities of Medusa in them. 

Here are some of the deserving people our beautiful customers have gifted Medusa to

  • To a beautifully extroverted best friend
  • To a newly single girlie who been through it, and is in the process of finding herself again
  • To a sister who is the Yang to your Yin
  • To anyone who needs a reminder that their opinion matters and it’s okay for them to take up space in this world.

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