Hi, I’m Courtney - the human behind Zakoia.

I’d always dreamt of owning my own business. Zakoia was an idea I had lingering in the back of my mind for a very long time. What I imagined was a simplistic jewellery brand that focused on narrative, embodied feminine stories & put emphasis on meaning.

I’ve always loved jewellery and I thought of it, like a form of storytelling. When I reflected on how I wear jewellery, it was obvious that I treasured meaning and simplicity. A ring from my little sister, a pendant from my best friend and a pair of earrings from my beloved, all strung together to create a vignette of the people I cherished most.

I want you to feel excited about and connected to your jewellery, just like I do. That’s why my designs are made to be worn everyday and kept forever. They’re made from quality materials you can wear in the water and wherever life takes you.