Meet: Athena

Athena - Wisdom | Protection | Strength

Your strength and resilience is something that sets you apart. You're fiercely loyal and will go to great lengths to protect your loved ones. Your wisdom comes from your experiences, you learn and grow from each lesson life throws at you. 

Your Athena goddess necklace was designed to be something you carry with you each day as a reminder of the things you’ve overcome and the incredible future you’ve forged for yourself. It represents the hard work you’ve put in and the comfort you bring to those around you. 

The Athena necklace was also designed to be gifted, to show someone that you understand who they are on a deeper level and you see the amazing qualities of Athena in them. 

Here are some of the deserving people our beautiful customers have gifted Athena to

  • To a best friend who has gone through a hard time, but has come out the other side
  • To a mother, as a symbol of the love and protection she’s endlessly given her child
  • To a recent divorcee to say, ‘hey this is tough, but you’ve got the strength to get through this’
  • To a grandmother as a thank-you for all the wisdom she had given through the years


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