Which Goddess Am I?

When we think of goddesses we think of beautiful, untouchable beings. Although the truth is, they embodied qualities we all have. If you’ve ever wondered which goddess best represents you - have a think about who you are and where your strengths come from. Perhaps you’re brave and courageous, or introspective and kind?
We’ve broken down all the beautiful qualities our six goddesses have, to help you choose the goddess necklace that’s right for you.

Aphrodite Goddess Necklace

Feminine Energy | Love | Beauty

 You value your empathetic, nurturing and soft feminine energy. You fall in love quickly and feverishly, openly sharing your wildest dreams and deepest secrets.

You see beauty in the simplest things, the everyday moments - things that other people miss but you take the time to appreciate them.

Persephone Goddess Necklace

 Nature | Kindness | Intuition

You love being outdoors amongst the wildflowers and tall grass. There is something about nature that recharges your spirit. You love nothing more than sitting beneath the sun, absorbed in an enchanting book or lost in a daydream.

Medusa Goddess Necklace

Fierce | Extroverted | Unapologetic

You know who you are and what you stand for. You’re not afraid to give your opinion, even when you know, not everyone will agree with you. You have an authentic energy that inspires others and above all else, you won’t ever be walked over.

Artemis Goddess Necklace

Adventure | Independence | Fertility

You love adventure and have a wildness about you. You are in tune with the earth and mother nature. You think the circle of life is beautiful, and are beginning to explore your maternal side. Caring, protecting and nurturing are all qualities that come easily to you. 

Athena Goddess Necklace

Wisdom | Protection | Strength

Your strength and resilience is something that sets you apart. You're fiercely loyal and will go to great lengths to protect your loved ones. Your wisdom comes from your experiences, you learn and grow from each lesson life throws at you. 

Cleopatra Goddess Necklace

Powerful | Charismatic | Leader

When you walk into a room, people take notice. Your confidence is magnetic and people follow your lead. You have a clear purpose and no one can distract you from your dreams. Once you’ve set your mind on something, you have an enviable focus that others could only dream of.

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