Artemis - Adventure | Independence | Fertility

You thrive on adventure, embracing the wild spirit within you. Connected deeply to the earth and mother nature, you find beauty in the cycle of life. Exploring your maternal instincts, you're discovering the joy of caring, protecting, and nurturing others.

Your Artemis Necklace symbolises this journey, a reminder of your adventurous spirit, independence and your fierce protection of the innocent.

Although fertility is listed as a quality for Artemis, many have interpreted this as protection or nurturing.

Not surprisingly, here are some of the lovely women who our customers have gifted Artemis to

  • To a new mother, who is experiencing the joys of motherhood for the first time
  • To a teacher, a caretaker of young and growing minds
  • To a midwife, someone tasked with the safe arrival and protection of children
  • To the traveler. The woman who is always up for a new adventure

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